Republicans Signal Move Towards Biden Impeachment Inquiry

July 31, 2023

The Republican-led House is likely to move towards a Biden impeachment inquiry, according to statements made by Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC).

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) voiced her belief that the Republican-led House is headed towards an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. In an interview on Breitbart News, Mace declared her support for the inquiry, calling it a necessary measure. She emphasized the need to take this route, as other institutions like the DOJ, IRS, and FBI have been unresponsive.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) also publicly discussed the potential impeachment inquiry. Both he and Mace agree that the impeachment inquiry is a tool they might have to leverage against the stonewalling tactics that have hindered their progress.

A Call for a Higher Threshold and Standard

Mace's statements indicate that any action taken must adhere to a higher threshold and standard. She insisted that the Republicans must act differently from former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had politicized the impeachment process in the past.

"We gotta hold them in contempt, gotta do the subpoenas. But that is another tool that we can leverage," Mace said.

"So whatever we do has to be at a much higher threshold and standard, but I do believe that as evidence comes out, and the American people see it, that is where we are headed. And you have to follow the facts no matter where they take us, including with President Biden … And what we’re seeing with the DOJ and the administration, and when this is an effort for the administration to take away the voice of the people by stopping a candidate from running– they want nothing more than that. They want to distract from all of the crimes that have been committed," Mace continued. “And they’ll stop at nothing to do it."

These comments express Mace's concern for the credibility of the process and a desire for the Republicans to maintain higher standards.

Striving for Greater Oversight Powers and Winning Trust

The interview with Rep. Mace brought attention to the impeachment inquiry's potential to quicken the process and grant the House greater oversight powers. She pointed out that such an inquiry could facilitate transparency.

“We have to win over independent voters and centrists. We have the base, the base is fired up. They are ready to go. But we also have to remember that if we want to win the White House, if we want to keep our majority in the House and then go and flip the Senate, we have to be better than the political games that Pelosi and all her minions have played over the last five years,” Mace said.

Mace added that the evidence must be “much tighter, much better, more overwhelming because the vast majority of Americans, they don’t trust the government.”

"We want them to trust the evidence that we bring forward and the way in which we bring it forward so it’s undeniable," she said.

She also expressed confidence that the Republicans are making slow progress in exposing corruption within the Biden family.

Connecting the Dots: Focus on Evidence

According to Rep. Mace, there is still much to be done in connecting the dots and convincing independent voters. She called for a focus on showcasing bank records and finding concrete evidence linking Joe Biden to certain transactions.

"Like it’s got to be undeniable. So we still have — we have a ways to go in that… I believe we are doing that, and I believe that we will do that."

She was adamant that evidence must be compelling enough to win over swing voters and centrists.

Time and Constitutionality: Keys to a Legitimate Inquiry

Mace stressed the need for the inquiry process to be legitimate, real, and constitutional. The process must not be rushed, and every step should be taken with precision and adherence to the law.

 "This guy doesn’t need to be president again."

Her comments reflect a firm belief that the process must be approached carefully, ensuring that no one can deny its validity.

In summary:

  • The growing likelihood of a Biden impeachment inquiry as stated by Rep. Nancy Mace and Speaker Kevin McCarthy.
  • The call for higher standards and threshold in the process, to avoid political game-playing.
  • The importance of winning the trust of independent voters by presenting undeniable evidence.
  • The emphasis on time, constitutionality, and legitimacy as key elements for the inquiry.