Republicans come together on plan: take military action in Mexico

Republican presidential candidates and other congressional members of the GOP are coming together around a plan to take United States military into Mexico to wage war against illegal drugs.

Even former President Donald Trump has called for creating a naval blockade at the Mexican border to keep drugs from entering the country.

The illicit drug fentanyl has entered, mainly through the Mexican border, and has swept across the United States causing widespread death, poverty and addiction.

Trump's leading opponent for the Republican nomination, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, vowed last week to use "deadly force" against anyone caught smuggling drugs across the border.

Additionally, Senators Lindsey Graham and John Kennedy have said they would support military operations at the Mexico border.

Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio said that cartels should be considered terrorist organizations, which would merit a military response.

Representatives Dan Crenshaw and Mike Waltz have gone so far as to sponsor a bill that would formally declare war on cartels, which means the military would be authorized to drop bombs on them.

Recent polls reveal that Republican primary voters also like the idea of military action at the border, which is likely why so many Republican candidates and lawmakers are getting behind the idea.

Additionally, "these poll findings reflect growing anxiety for Americans, as a continuing opioid crisis fuels record numbers of drug-overdose deaths. In many of those cases, Americans are taking other drugs they don’t realize are laced with deadly fentanyl," reports the Wall Street Journal.