Republican Tim Scott considering entering 2024 presidential race

 February 27, 2023

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is reportedly considering entering into the 2024 presidential race and competing against former President Donald Trump.

Speculation that Scott has presidential aspirations began when he appeared in Iowa, which is a key state in the presidential primary schedule, for an event championing school choice.

Scott is a strong supporter of school choice, and he explained that the United States "should not allow the zip code of a child to determine the quality of their life, because education is the most powerful tool to equalize opportunity in this nation., but there are poor zip codes where that's not possible."

Beyond pushing for school choice, Scott has also been pushing a very positive message aimed at the entire nation.

Scott told Fox News Sunday, "My focus is still on the mission of making sure that every single American believes that the American dream is achievable for them. Our original sin should never define us because a story of redemption is what we’ve been living for more than 50-plus years. The greatest story of progress in the world is American progress in the last 50 years. I wish we’d spend more time talking about the goodness of this nation, and stop the cancel culture."

Scott's rhetoric has a noticeable national scope to it and it seems that he is trying to appeal to all Americans as a leader. Of course, there has been no official announcement yet, but Scott could very well make his move in the coming months.