Republican Rick Renzi reveals that Special Counsel Jack Smith is settling old scores in investigation against Trump

July 24, 2023

Republican Rick Renzi revealed during an interview with conservative Mark Levin that Special Counsel Jack Smith is settling old scores and grudges with his zealous prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

Renzi was convicted in 2013 for financial crimes and served two years in prison but maintains that he was innocent and the victim of a botched prosecution by Smith's close associate, prosecutor David Harbach.

Harbach and Smith were involved in the prosecution of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (R), who won his case after winning the support of the Supreme Court. They were also involved in the failed prosecution of former Senator John Edwards (D-NC), who was acquitted by a jury.

Renzi told Levin that, "James Comey’s hit man [Harbach] is the guy speaking in the Miami courtroom to Judge [Aileen] Cannon. That’s James Comey’s revenge."

Comey was the FBI director who was fired by Trump, bringing everything into perspective and raising questions about both Smith and Harbach.

Renzi's interview with Levin further established that Smith and the Department of Justice's investigation into Trump is a political hit job. However, with all of this information coming to light, it is likely this mission to take down Trump is doomed to fail.

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