Republican Pro-DeSantis woman says his abortion ban will cost him votes

It's been a long-known fact that abortion is going to be a hot topic in the 2024 presidential election.

Recently, a group of mothers who are supporters of Republican presidential candidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said they think his stance on abortion will hurt him with voters.

The mothers support DeSantis for his policies throughout the pandemic, but they said that the law DeSantis signed banning abortions in Florida after six weeks will hurt his chances of winning an election.

CNN Correspondent Elle Reeve asked, "I wonder if you think DeSantis' very public war on woke distracts a little from the message that you like about him?"

One of the mothers, Jennifer Sey, said, "A little bit I do."

Reeve added, "He did sign a law that restricts transgender care for adults as well as kids."

Sey replied, "I have greater concerns about the six-week abortion ban."

Reeve said, "Tell me about that."

Sey said, "I think if he made it clear that he’s a state's rights person and that he’s not looking to kind of pass a national law in this regard, I would be less concerned."

Julie Hamill said, "I think that’s dangerous. That’s something that I cannot get behind, and I don’t think that’s going to bode well for his presidential campaign. I think that that might be a real impediment to bringing in moderate women."

The interview with the group of mothers reveals that abortion will, in fact, be a major issue that will have to be discussed in debates and throughout the road to the White House.

Hopefully, the victorious candidate will go to war and fight for the lives of the unborn in America.