Republican Presidential Candidate Drops Hammer On DeSantis

 April 24, 2023

Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, who is a Republican presidential candidate, said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is "getting it wrong on Disney."

Anchor Shannon Bream said to Hutchinson, "You could be facing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. You have been critical about him getting involved as a conservative in direct corporate affairs and business as he has with Disney there in Florida."

Hutchinson answered, "Well, I don’t believe if you’re on the left or the right of the political spectrum that government should not be telling business what they can and cannot do in terms of speech. And however you describe it, it appears to me that the governor did not like what Disney was doing in terms of what they were saying and exercising speech so they’re being punished. Now you know those special privileges go to different businesses in Florida. I let the legislature handle that. But I think it is important that we make sure that we don’t become heavy handed in government to punish those that are creating jobs for Americans and creating income and growing the private sector."

Hutchinson went on, adding that a heavy-handed government is not what conservatism is about.

"That is not what republicanism is about. That’s not what a conservative is about. So those are fine distinctions, but it is important that we talk about freedom and the free enterprise system. That is what I have supported through my career and not government telling business what they can and cannot do," Hutchinson said.

Bream then asked, "Do you agree then that Ron DeSantis is getting it wrong on Disney?"

Hutchinson answered, "I think he is getting it wrong on Disney."