Republican Mike Gallagher sounds the alarm over Chinese police stations inside the United States

 February 26, 2023

Representative Mike Gallagher (R-WI) held a press event on Saturday in front of a building that was used as a Chinese Communist Party police station in downtown Manhattan.

Gallagher stated during the event, "This innocent-looking building that you see behind me has an unauthorized secret police station linked to the Chinese Communist Party. The nonprofit Safeguard Defenders discovered over 100 of these illegal police stations around the world, including at least two more on United States soil."

Gallagher hosted the event alongside Representative Ritchie Torres (D-NY) and Representative Neal Dunn (R-FL) and demanded that President Joe Biden take action against any kind of CCP police installations in the United States.

Gallagher went on to say, "They [CCP] buy our politicians, multinational organizations, companies and in some cases, law enforcement. They use muscle and threats instead of persuasion. And like the Mafia, they aren't afraid to make people disappear."

Gallagher was also joined by Chinese activist Zhuo Fengsuo, who was one of the student leaders in the protests that led to the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Fengsuo has been on the run from the CCP since then and is one of the most wanted "criminals."

Gallagher and his allies hope to put pressure on the Biden administration to hunt down and destroy any entities within the United States that are acting as secret police. Hopefully this movement will gain enough bipartisan support to force the White House to act.