Republican Jewish Coalition says Obama 'complicit' in death and suffering in Israel

November 6, 2023

The Republican Jewish Coalition ripped former President Barack Obama after he equated Israel's "occupation" of Palestine with Hamas's terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians.

The coalition blasted Obama for being “complicit” in terror and war by indirectly facilitating Hamas by giving Iran billions.

Obama said during an interview with the Pod Save America podcast, "If there’s any chance of us being able to act constructively, to do something, it will require an admission of complexity. And maintaining, what on the surface may seem contradictory ideas — that what Hamas did was horrific, and there’s no justification for it; and what is also true is that the occupation and what’s happening to Palestinians is unbearable. And so if you want to solve the problem, you have to take in the whole truth, and you then have to admit nobody’s hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree."

The Republican Jewish Coalition responded to Obama's claims by saying "At a time when morality, international law, and the welfare of our chief ally in the Middle East all demand that we stand with Israel, full stop, Barack Obama says it’s complicated. It’s not. Hamas attacks civilians; Hamas takes hostages; Hamas uses Gazans as human shields; Hamas steals humanitarian supplies; Hamas builds terrorism tunnels instead of bomb shelters, or schools, or houses. Hamas is to blame for the current war. The US should be fully behind Israel as it seeks to end Hamas’s capability to harm Israelis and Gazans alike."

Only those who support Hamas would attempt to equate the two sides. Any politician who wants to play both sides in this terrible conflict should be ashamed.

The coalition continued to slam Obama by saying, "It is Barack Obama who is complicit in the death and suffering over the last month in Israel and in Gaza. His policies and those of President Joe Biden put billions of dollars into Iranian coffers, money used to fund and train Hamas and other terrorist groups whose stated goals are the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Jews."

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