Rep. Claudia Tenney: Joe Biden Arrogant Guy Who Can't Control Mouth

September 5, 2023

Representative Claudia Tenney, a Republican from New York, recently stopped by Fox News Channel to be interviewed on Sunday Morning Futures by host Mario Bartiromo.

It didn't take long for the fireworks to get started.

Bartiromo began by saying, "Let’s talk about the implications of this potential influence peddling and charges of bribery against Biden. Here we are every day talking about communist China and its goals to become the number one superpower, overtaking the United States, and this massive surveillance program underway. What are the implications if, in fact, he’s taken all of this money from communist China?"

That's all it took to send Tenney into high gear:

Do we doubt that he’s taken the money? It’s a matter of putting it in a court of law and getting someone to rule on it, a jury or a judge. Look, it’s a problem. China is not just an adversary. They’re an enemy in many ways. Look at what they have been doing to us, whether it’s the spy balloon, their influence all around the world. And they’re leveraging the South China Sea. I was just recently on a trip there. And that is a real issue. But we have to go after the head of the snake. We have to do this. And I don’t see how we move forward without impeachment inquiries to go after Biden. It’s not just bribery. There’s money laundering. I mean, I think — and it’s my theory, and I don’t think it’s going to be disproven. I think it’s just fact. And I think we have discussed this before, Maria.

This is Joe Biden using his son as a proxy," Tenney concluded. "You have all this money going to the Biden family, not because they’re all experts. Certainly, Hunter Biden’s not an expert on energy. Devon Archer was on the Burisma board with him, the Ukrainian energy company. The prior prosecutor was shot at — or was fired. And let me tell you something. Joe Biden is an arrogant guy who can’t control his mouth. And that’s what he’s — I think that everything about that reveals exactly who Joe Biden is. And I’m not sure why the Democrats are rallying around him, although they’re starting to say, maybe we need to throw him to the curb because they’re going to be doing other things.