Representative Nancy Mace calls on GOP to be 'better' than Nancy Pelosi in impeachment fight

 July 31, 2023

Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) warned the GOP that it needed to be "better than Nancy Pelosi," in terms of impeaching President Joe Biden during an appearance on Fox News Sunday

Mace is concerned about polarization and politics in any prospective Biden impeachment hearings despite the overwhelming evidence that the House Oversight Committee already has dug up on the president.

Mace stated, "Whatever the evidence shows us, we ought to follow the facts, and we have to be better than Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi really politicized the impeachment process. We do not want to do that here."

It is worth remembering that questions of integrity didn't stop Democrats who plowed ahead with impeaching President Trump twice.

It's safe to say the bar has been lowered and Republicans would be justified in impeaching President Biden. Mace talked about "overwhelming" and "undeniable evidence" when a precedent has already been set by Democrats.

Republicans must put a good case together, but Mace's concerns are mute considering what Democrats have already done. The Republican Party needs to stop following rules that Democrats won't.