Representative Marc Molinaro: Santos Won't Finish His Term

 February 17, 2023

Representative Marc Molinaro, a Republican from New York, recently showed up on CNN's Newsroom for an interview on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

While there, he claimed that Representative George Santos, a Republican from New York, likely would NOT complete his first term in Congress.

Molinaro was asked about the situation by Manu Raju, who said:

Now, we are learning behind the scenes that Santos is considering running for reelection. He has told that to Republicans previously, signaling he was not going to do so. But he has changed because he believes he can beat all of the allegations of wrongdoing. He believes his treasurer will face scrutiny over his campaign finances and he believes he will essentially be able to push back against any looming indictment that could come down. Now, there’s a different view in New York. New York Republicans, including some who are here in the House delegation, say that George Santos should not be the nominee and they are prepared to defeat him in a primary if he decides to run.

"George Santos will not be on any ticket in 2024," Molinaro replied.

Raju responded, asking "what makes you so confident?"

Molinaro's answer told America all we needed to know:

"I am very confident that first the investigations, I think, are going to produce truth. And that truth might come as a surprise to Congressman Santos, but not to anyone else. And leadership and constituents in his district on Long Island have had enough. I don’t see a scenario where he runs for reelection or quite frankly, even completes his term," he said.