Rep. Jim Banks introduces legislation to defund Biden mouthpiece

 April 20, 2024

It's called NATIONAL Public Radio.

It receives government funding.

The very name and method of funding indicates that there should NOT be a political bias to NPR's reporting, yet they've managed to gain a reputation as one of the most unfairly liberal publications to ever exist.

That's why Republican Representative Jim Banks of Indiana introduced legislation on April 19 to defund National Public Radio (NPR).

This comes after an NPR editor recently came out "alleging the outlet has deep political bias and that the Washington D.C. bureau employs 87 registered Democrats and zero registered Republicans."

The editor resigned after being suspended by NPR for speaking out.

That's why America's Republicans were forced to pick up the fight.

I wish NPR wouldn't spread liberal rhetoric around like they're buttering toast, but they live in America, so it's their right to do that.

What it's NOT their right to do is say all of that while being funded by the government.

I agree with Jim Banks.

If NPR wants to be a liberal mouthpiece, then I don't want to pay for it to exist anymore.