Representative Carlos Gimenez reveals Joe Biden's team squarely at fault for border crisis, they have too much power

November 20, 2022

Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) called out the Biden administration for the crisis at the border and said that Biden's team in the executive branch have "way too much discretion" in setting immigration policies.

During an interview with Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends on Friday, Gimenez made it clear who was at blame for the border crisis.

Gimenez said during the interview, "[T]he problem also lies — look, a little bit has to be with the rules that we set up in Congress. Within the same law, you could have the Trump policies and the Biden policies. That means we gave way too much discretion to the administration. That's a lesson that I've taken, being there as a freshman that, hey, we've got to ratchet this back and say we want it done that way, not from here to here. Because they use the same law."

Gimenez also stated that he, alongside the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives, will immediately go to work on fixing the border crisis and stopping the unsustainable flood of illegal immigrants.

Of course, without control of the Senate and with the White House working to sabotage our border security, Republicans will have their hands full trying to fix this titanic mess.

Undoubtedly, the blame for the border crisis rests squarely on President Biden and his administration. No amount of plausible deniability will save the commander in chief from accountability.

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