Report Says Jack Smith Could Nail Trump With Up To 45 More Charges

In case former President Donald Trump thinks he's going to get away from the charges brought forth upon him by Special Counsel Jack Smith, the prosecutor has a card up his sleeve.

Forty-five of them, perhaps.

Reports indicate that especially if Trump-friendly judge Aileen Cannon looks like she is going to hinder liberals getting the results they want, Trump may soon be facing 45 additional criminal charges from Smith.

The Independent reported that "the ex-Brooklyn prosecutor is prepared to bring additional charges in various federal jurisdictions against Trump based in part on multiple additional incriminating tapes of Trump," giving their source as "people familiar with the matter."

The new charges, if they come, will be here "in the coming weeks."

The outlet further claimed that the 45 additional charges were a result of "fresh evidence that is not yet publicly known."

Do you think that 45 extra charges would be what brings Trump down, or is he going to beat them all no matter how many there are?

Let us know in the comments below.