Report Indicates Biden Lying About Hunter Biden

November 8, 2023

Politico isn't exactly known for being a conservative publication.

In fact, it's always been quite the opposite: a hyper-liberal outlet meant not to advance America, but to advance the liberal agenda.

So, when even outlets like Politico are putting "doubts" on recent claims made by President Joe Biden, the public should take notice.

Politico would NEVER hold a liberal accountable unless there was simply no other option.

In this case, there wasn't one.

Biden has been lying, and America knows he's lying.

There was no way for Politico to cover up the recent claims that Joe Biden has been making about Hunter Biden, because the president's statements have been complete lies.

Joe Biden absolutely has been involved in Hunter Biden's business affairs, and everyone knows it.

At the very least, Hunter Biden has been using Daddy's name and influence to close deals for years.

Even Politico is NOT okay with that.