Report: Former Fani Willis staffer providing House GOP with details of allegedly misued federal funds

 April 12, 2024

The Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney's office has been awash in unwanted notoriety and scandal in recent weeks, and it now appears that the unflattering attention may be just beginning.

As Newsweek explains, a former staffer for embattled District Attorney Fani Willis is reportedly providing congressional Republicans with key information about misuses of federal funds that may have occurred on her watch.

The emerging situation was brought into focus on Thursday during Thursday's installment of Mornings with Maria on Fox Business, when House Judiciary Committee chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) touched on recent reporting from the Washington Free Beacon.

As Jordan noted, the Free Beacon has been delving into accusations made by the aforementioned Fulton County whistleblower and a Justice Department probe prompted by that individual's claims about what she saw while working in Willis' realm.

The outlet reported this week that the DOJ has found what were referred to as “inconsistencies” in the way Willis spent federal grand funds, a situation about which the whistleblower -- who had been fired by the district attorney after raising concerns about the expenditures -- had come forward.

That former employee had alerted Willis to the risk and potential impropriety of using a $488,000 federal grant to purchase computers, trips, and “swag.”

Upon review, the Justice Department has now been forced to admit that the grant at issue is indeed riddled with reporting problems.

A spokesperson from the DOJ told the Free Beacon that staffers within its ranks are “working with them to update their reporting accordingly.”

Speaking about the probe and the ongoing questions about Willis' conduct, Jordan said during his interview, “God bless the whistleblower [who] came forward.”

“We've talked with the whistleblower, she's giving information to the press, to us,” he added.

Jordan continued, “Now the Department of Justice is looking into all this. All kinds of problems with Fani Willis and this ridiculous investigation she's run on President Trump and others.”

Indeed, Willis is currently entangled in all sorts of difficulties, including former President Donald Trump's recent appeals court request that Judge Scott McAfee's ruling permitting her to remain on the election interference case against him be reviewed – and overturned – amid allegations of a conflict of interest with onetime special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

In addition, Willis is also the subject of requests to the State Bar of Georgia for a disciplinary probe and, ultimately, disbarment, for her conduct in relation to the Trump prosecution and subsequent revelations about her involvement with Wade.

Whether any of the various branches of inquiry and investigation into Willis' conduct bear fruit in terms of her eventual removal from the case against Trump, only time will tell.