Rep. Roy: Biden Giving Americans 'Crumbs' After Causing Bank Crisis

 March 14, 2023

Representative Chip Roy, a Republican from Texas, recently stopped by Fox News to make an appearance on Faulkner Focus.

While there, he reminded America exactly who was to blame for the banking crisis rocking America right now, namely, our federal government.

"Look, everything you’re seeing this morning in the news, they’re all tied together," Roy began.

He then pointed out that there is one central cause that started this horrific domino effect:

President Joe Biden's failed policies. He explained:

What we’re dealing with respect to the bank situation is a product of massive inflation and then the Fed acting to ratchet up interest rates, causing the very problem that we’re seeing right now. This is all a product of failed policies. This inflation is being driven up in significant part by the assault on American oil and gas by the Biden administration. And now, the Biden administration wants to throw out crumbs with a bit of production…the banking crisis is a result of massive spending and the regulations by climate fetish agenda that this administration is promoting to the radical left.