Rep. Perry says Biden administration a 'rogue regime . . . not interested' in following the law

By Jen Krausz on
 April 18, 2023

Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) said out loud Monday what we have all been thinking for the past two years -- President Joe Biden and his administration are "not interested" in following the law when it restricts their radical agenda and think they can get away with it.

On Fox News Channel's Mornings With Maria, Perry addressed the recent Pentagon leak, which detailed military personnel on the ground in Ukraine and other damaging information.

Perry said the leak was "horrifically damaging" and called the presence of uniformed American military in Ukraine a "dangerous escalation."

"They haven't seen any consequences [for leaking]," he said, and added, "This is damaging to the United States’ credibility."

"And so, look, we have a rogue regime," he concluded. "Whether it’s on the southern border or whether it’s in Ukraine, they don’t bother following the law. They’re not interested."

Perry said that Republicans were forced to use "the power of the purse," i.e., the debt ceiling fight and appropriations, to push them into following the law and make it impossible for them to disobey, because they won't have the funds to do so.