Rep. John James says Mayorkas should be tried for 'treason' and impeached

 January 16, 2024

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' days in his position could be numbered.

A House Republican-led effort to impeach the DHS secretary is growing and, according to Fox News, just took a critical leap as a key moderate Republican signaled his support for such a move.

Rep. John James (R-MI), known as a moderate House Republican who represents a highly-contested swing district, said he's not only for impeaching Mayorkas, but he also claimed the secretary should be tried for "treason."

Mayorkas has taken increased criticism for his failure to mitigate the illegal immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border, and James made it clear that Mayorkas needs to go -- and suffer consequences.

"Evidence will prove that Mayorkas’ sustained and willful betrayal of the public trust makes him an accessory to the poisoning of millions of Americans, complicit in a modern-day slave trade and so derelict in his duty to secure the homeland that it crosses unequivocally into the realm of high crimes and misdemeanors," James said.

He added, "Secretary Mayorkas must be impeached and tried for treason."

The process to get a Mayorkas impeachment on the books kicked off last week after the Homeland Security Committee held its first meeting on the matter.

Notably, James's statement came not long after he visited the southern border with a group of over 60 House Republicans earlier this month.

While Democrats continue to attempt to gaslight the public into believing that a Mayorkas impeachment is a political stunt, any reasonable person knows that the situation is dangerously out of control and the buck stops with Mayorkas.

He related his military experience with what's happening among the ranks of Border Patrol agents right now.

James told reporters, "We have Border Patrol agents that are underfunded, that are underappreciated, and they're at their wit's end. And part of the only reason they're still sticking around is because if they leave, they feel like they're leaving their buddies behind. That resonates with me… as a former military member."

He also touched on the horrific human trafficking situation happening as a result of Mayorkas' lack of cracking down on the problem.

"These are human beings we’re talking about. These are men and women. These are children," James said. "These are God's creatures, who are being herded like cattle, like chattel, like, like animals, by these coyotes. And they're being bought and sold to the tune of $32 million per week just in the Del Rio sector."