Rep. Jackson blames Biden administration for death of Israeli-American man by Palestinians

By Jen Krausz on
 March 2, 2023

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) blasted President Joe Biden and his administration for their policies on Israel and Palestine on Wednesday, blaming the administration for the death of an Israeli-American man by Palestinian terrorists earlier in the week.

“Another heartbreaking tragedy took place and there is more blood on President Biden’s hands after Elan Ganeles, an Israeli-American citizen, was murdered by radical Palestinian terrorists in Israel,” he said.

Ganeles was a 27-year-old Columbia University graduate and Israeli Defense Force veteran who was living in Israel.

“Since his inauguration, President Biden has signed off on more than half a billion dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority which gets funneled to terrorists, a direct violation of the Taylor Force Act,” he said, adding that the Biden administration was "putting American interests last."

Jackson filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration in December over its violations of the Trump-era law, which prohibits the U.S. government from giving aid to the Palestinian authority while its policy is to give payouts to the families of its terrorists when they are killed during an attack.

Once again, Biden is choosing which laws he does and doesn't want to follow, knowing that the courts are slow to hold him to account.