Rep. Comer subpoenas DHS Secretary Mayorkas, DHS employees, and 2 Secret Service staffers

September 6, 2023

The Biden family's potential legal issues continue to mount as House Republicans dive deep into the investigation into Hunter Biden and his father's involvement in the family's alleged influence-peddling business.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) fired off a round of subpoenas to "Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas along with three other DHS employees and two Secret Service staffers," The Hill reported. 

The subpoenas are for information regarding an inquiry into whether or not the Department of Justice (DOJ) "improperly" gave the Secret Service a head's up while it was investigating potential tax crimes committed by Hunter Biden.

The potential tip-off was with regard to an interview scheduled with Hunter Biden.

The Hill noted:

The six subpoenas serve dual inquiries, seeking information surrounding how the Secret Service as well as the Biden transition team was notified about plans to interview the president’s son, along with alleging improper conduct by the agencies as committees aim to get that information.

Comer explained the reasoning behind the subpoenas earlier this week during a Fox News interview.

"I issued 6 subpoenas to compel DHS @SecMayorkas to provide info regarding the Biden transition team being tipped off about the planned Hunter Biden 2020 interview. DHS is obstructing by muzzling the Secret Service from responding to Congress. We will get answers," Comer tweeted.

The investigation stems from whistleblower testimony by former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent Gary Shapley, who claimed that the "Secret Service headquarters was improperly tipped off about a planned Dec. 8, 2020, attempt to seek an interview with Biden, foiling those plans."

Comer said in letters earlier this week that he has evidence that the DHS Office of Legislative Affairs had "instructed the Secret Service to withhold a response the Secret Service had prepared for the committees."

An unidentified DHS official responded to Comer's inquiry, calling the claims "categorically false," adding that they believe "these subpoenas are entirely without basis."

The official reportedly added, "DHS was working to respond to this inquiry appropriately, including identifying the relevant information and individuals."

Only time will tell if the agencies comply with the congressional subpoenas, but one would be wise not to bet on it.

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