Rep. Chip Roy: GOP must 'get religion' and force Biden to secure border

November 23, 2022

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said that Republicans have to get "a little religion" on immigration and hold President Joe Biden's feet to the fire in order to get the situation under control.

Roy said he has been pushing Republicans for a year to back a law codifying Title 42, which has just been struck down in the courts because it isn't specifically mentioned in the Constitution.

If Title 42 goes away, the U.S. risks a rapid spike in the number of illegal immigrants trying to get across the border, which is already at record levels.

While the bill could pass in the House after Republicans take over, but the Senate still requires 60 votes for cloture.

Republicans need to "demand this administration do their duty to secure the border of the United States. We need to shove it down their throats.” Roy said.

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