Religious identification among Democrats collapses by 20 points over past two decades

September 25, 2023

A new Gallup survey found that religious identification among Democrats has crashed by 20 points between 1999 and 2023.

Back in 1999, when this survey was first conducted, 60% of Democrats identified as religious, and 62% of Republicans did the same.

Not much has changed since the 20th century for Republicans as the survey found that 61% of Republicans identified as religious.

As for Democrats, the percentage of Democrats who claim to be religious crashed by 23 points, dropping to 37%.

Gallup reported, "The decline in Americans identifying as religious is consistent with the trends for other Gallup measures of religiosity and religious practice, particularly in the past two decades. However, Gallup has documented steeper declines in formal religious practice (church attendance and church membership) than in belief in God and prayer."

These findings are consistent with the changes in the Democrat Party which has become increasingly secular and almost hostile to most religions. While some may celebrate increasing secularism, the cultural divides that have emerged over the past couple of decades are catastrophic.

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