Real estate developer connected to Ken Paxton arrested by FBI

By Jen Krausz on
 June 10, 2023

Real estate developer Natin Paul, who is at the center of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's impeachment, was arrested by the FBI on a number of charges on Thursday afternoon but was released early Friday morning without entering a plea.

One of the charges against Paul is that he inflated the value of his assets while underreporting his liabilities.

In one case, he told a credit union he had $31.6 million cash in a bank account when in reality he only had around $500,000 in cash, and the rest was in securities.

His liabilities were underreported by about $28.6 million, Breitbart reported.

The charges included eight counts of making false statements to financial institutions, the same charge levied against former President Donald Trump in his first indictment.

The FBI has been investigating Paul since 2019, when they searched his home. Paxton's office got mixed up in the case at some point and allegedly started helping Paul illegally, which led to his impeachment.