Ramaswamy says Trump indictments turning US into a 'Banana Republic'

 September 5, 2023

While some GOP presidential candidates shy away from commenting on former President Donald Trump's multiple indictments, one candidate is making it clear that he believes it's devastating for America.

According to Breitbart, Vivek Ramaswamy, the tech entrepreneur making waves in his fast rise in the polls, said during a recent ABC interview that he believes the indictments have turned the United States into a "Banana Republic."

His thoughts on the matter echo those of many Trump allies and supporters, who believe that the Biden administration has weaponized the justice system to target a political opponent.

During the interview, ABC host George Stephanopoulos questioned Ramaswamy about his response to a question at the first GOP primary debate regarding the indictments Trump faces.

"Your hand shot up pretty fast at the debate when you were asked whether you would vote for Donald Trump in the general election, even if he was a convicted felon. Can you just explain why you would vote for a convicted felon for president?"

Ramaswamy, in his usual style, got straight to the point in showing his support.

"If the Constitution permits somebody to run, and that’s the person that people of this country want to elect, then that’s the way our system works, and I stand by it."

Stephanopoulos doubled down on asking why Ramaswamy would support a "convicted felon" for the presidency.

"So look. I think that many of these prosecutions against Donald Trump are outright, downright politicized persecutions through prosecution that set an awful precedent for our country. I do not want to see us become a banana republic where the administrative police state uses police force to eliminate opponents from competition," Ramaswamy said.

He added, "That is not the way it works. I will pick who I believe the best next president should be."

Many social media users agreed with Ramaswamy's take on the situation.

"Investigate the prosecutors for coordinated election interference," one X user wrote.

Trump currently faces four indictments, two state and two federal. A trial date for one of the federal indictments has been set for March 4, 2024, which happens to be the day before "Super Tuesday," one of the most important GOP primary voting days.