Ramaswamy Changes His Tune: 'Not The Same Donald Trump'

 August 22, 2023

Back in May of 2023, Vivek Ramaswamy said that Donald Trump needed to attend all Republican debates, or it would show that "Trump's not the candidate he once was."

Vivek apparently doesn't feel that way any longer.

At this point, Ramaswamy is "fine" with Trump not showing up to the first few debates.

"This is my chance to introduce myself to the country & so I have no issue with whatever decision he wants to make," Ramaswamy said. "If he’s on there, great. If not, I'm fine with that."

Pundits did not let Vivek off easily, reminding Ramaswamy exactly what he had said back on May 5.

"I fully expect to see Donald Trump on that debate stage," Vivek said then. "It is my expectation Trump will be there because as I’ve known him he’s not a man that I know of to be afraid. He’s not somebody who’s made a habit of himself to be a coward. But if he doesn't show up on that debate stage, that will be the best proof that the Donald Trump of today is not the same Donald Trump as in 2016."