Rajon Rondo Arrested On Gun And Drug Charges

 February 2, 2024

Former NBA star Rajon Rondo has been arrested.

Rondo, previous champion with the Boston Celtics, was taken into custody on gun and drug charges in Indiana.

Police received a phone call that reported a Tesla driving dangerously on the interstate.

They had no idea who was behind the wheel.

When a police officer pulled over Rondo, they smelled marijuana coming from his vehicle and began searching.

According to the police release, the officer recovered drug paraphernalia and a gun, as well as what they believed to be marijuana.

Rondo was immediately arrested.

The former NBA player is not allowed to carry a gun due to a previous court order.

That court order was related to a 2022 claim that Rondo threatened a woman’s life.

Rondo could be in big trouble for this violation.

However, we will not know next steps until his hearing which is currently set for Feb. 27.