Putin thinks Biden presidency more beneficial for Russia than Trump one

By Jen Krausz on
 February 15, 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with a Kremlin-friendly journalist on Wednesday that President Joe Biden is better for Russia than former President Donald Trump as a U.S. leader.

Putin said Biden would be better for Russia “because he is a more experienced person, he is predictable, he is a politician of an old formation.”

He did say that Russia would “work with any leader of the U.S. that gains the trust of the American people.”

If you read between the lines, Putin is clearly saying Trump has a better chance of ending the war with Ukraine than Biden.

Biden has in no way been an ally of Russia since it invaded Ukraine, but his ineffectiveness as a negotiator and leader has allowed the war to drag on longer than it otherwise would have.

Trump said during a CNN town hall in May that he could settle the war in 24 hours as president. This is not what Putin wants, which is why he wants to keep Biden around as long as possible.