Gooden: Pulitzer Prizes Awarded For Fake News Reporting Should Be Rescinded

Things like these need to happen in America, or those who really care about truth and honor will be pushed out of this country quicker than you can say "1776."

At least one lawmaker is standing up for what's true. In 2023, that unfortunately isn't a given from our politicians.

Representative Lance Gooden, a Republican from Texas, is asking the Pulitzer Prize Board to rescind awards that it gave out in 2018.

The reason?

The awards were given to liberal mouthpieces at the New York Times and the Washington Post for their "investigative reporting" around the Clinton campaign's claims that Donald Trump was in cahoots with Russia.

Despite that reporting being proved completely false recently, the Pulitzer Prize Board has yet to rescind the awards.

"If Pulitzer still believes in maintaining the integrity of its establishment and high standards for its prizes and award recipients, it should promptly undo this mistake by stripping the New York Times and the Washington Post of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize," Gooden said.