Attorney: Prosecutors in Trump case broke the rules

 June 10, 2023

Timothy Parlatore, a former attorney for former President Donald Trump, blasted the prosecutors and the court for breaking rules with regard to his recent federal indictment.

Parlatore said this week that the Special Counsel investigating Trump crossed a "red line" at the grand jury stage of the process.

The lawyer was called to testify before a grand jury. The call came from Special Counsel Jack Smith and his team of attorneys in Florida. Parlatore said that prosecutors asked him inappropriate questions that infringed on attorney-client privilege.

"Parlatore told [Catherine] Herridge he was 'stunned' during his testimony before a grand jury interview when he was asked by prosecutors about issues he said were protected by attorney-client privilege, which he believes was an improper line of questioning that he contends crossed a legal 'red line,'" reported Breitbart.

"Two people familiar with the probe said that Trump’s legal team is frustrated with how Justice Department officials have handled attorney-client matters in recent months and raised the concerns to Justice Department officials and to Smith himself in a meeting on Monday at the Justice Department," Breitbart reports.

Parlatore said that it was "clear that the government was not acting appropriately and made several improper attempts to pierce privilege and, in my opinion, made several significant misstatements to the [grand] jury, which I believe constitutes prosecutorial misconduct."

"Attorney-client privilege prevents a lawyer from revealing any communications from the client to the lawyer in private circumstances, at least without the client’s explicit and written consent, unless the communications are part of an effort to commit fraud or conceal an ongoing or future crime," reports Breitbart. "The privilege extends beyond the period in which the lawyer represents the client; violating the privilege can be grounds for disbarment."

Parlatore reportedly left Trump's team because of disagreements among attorneys representing him.