Prominent chief of Russian state-run TV channel found dead after being 'poisoned'

 January 9, 2024

A long list of prominent Russians have conveniently died since Vladimir Putin began his war against Ukraine.

The latest notable Russian to suddenly die under mysterious circumstances is Zoya Konovalova, 48, head of the country's state-run media empire.

She was found dead alongside her husband, and authorities claim were both "poisoned."

The U.S. Sun noted:

The Kuban editor was found in her bedroom and her 52-year-old former husband Andrey Gubatiyka's corpse was found close by. The former couple shared a daughter, 15, and an adult son.

The agency in charge of investigating the deaths, the Russian Investigative Committee, said that no injuries were discovered when the deceased couple were found.

The news station she ran, which happened to be near the frontlines of the war, reported the poisoning death, saying, "The preliminary cause of death is poisoning by an unknown substance."

A "powdery substance" was reportedly found in a baggie inside the deceased woman's house, though her friends said she was not into drugs, raising even more questions.

Also notable is the fact that law enforcement authorities just happened to be the first to discover the deceased bodies. They were thought to have been dead roughly 24 hours prior to their discovery.

While it's easier to understand why those who criticized Putin would end up conveniently falling out of a window or poisoned, many social media users question why Konovalova would be targeted, given her position in Putin's propaganda machine.

As users pointed out, she wasn't a Putin critic, at least not publicly.

"What does the Konovalova poisoning mean? She doesn't seem like an obvious Putin opponent," one X user wrote.

The Sun noted several others who've perished since the start of Putin's war against Ukraine.

Just last month the 35-year-old deputy editor-in-chief of Putin’s favourite newspaper was found dead in Moscow. Anna Tsareva’s body was discovered at her home in the Russian capital, with an investigation underway. It came nearly a year after the death of her boss Vladimir Sungorkin, 68.

In September 2022, her boss Vladimir Sungorkin, 68,
editor-in-chief and director general of Komsomolskaya Pravda, died of a “heart attack” after showing signs of suffocation.

The crazy part is that there will likely be more mysterious deaths as Putin's war rages on.