Prince Harry wins judgement in phone hacking case against media group

 December 16, 2023

After taking losses in the public light for months, Prince Harry scored a personal victory thanks to a British court.

According to Breitbart, the prince emerged victorious in a phone hacking lawsuit against the Daily Mirror, raking in a pile of cash in the process.

Breitbart noted:

AP reports Justice Timothy Fancourt in the High Court found phone hacking was “widespread and habitual” at Mirror Group Newspapers over many years and private investigators “were an integral part of the system” to gather information unlawfully.

Executives at the tabloid operation were aware of the unlawful practices and went as far as attempting to cover them up.

Justice Fancourt pointed out that the two directors at Trinity Mirror "turned a blind eye" to the unlawful phone hacking practices, among other illegal intelligence gathering methods.

"Instead of doing so, they turned a blind eye to what was going on and positively concealed it," Fancourt said. "Had the illegal conduct been stopped, the misuse of the duke’s private information would have ended much sooner."

Breitbart noted:

Harry, the estranged younger son of King Charles III, had sought £440,000 ($560,000) as part of a crusade against the British media that bucked his family’s longstanding aversion to litigation and made him the first senior member of the royal family to testify in court in over a century.

In his first round of victories, Prince Harry was awarded $180,000.

Harry and his lawyers have launched legal battles against multiple newspaper groups, including Associated Newspapers and News Group Newspapers, which have yet to play out.

Social media reacted to Prince Harry's victory.

"That's a significant ruling and a win for Prince Harry! It highlights the ongoing issue of privacy invasion in the media industry and the importance of holding accountable those responsible. How do you think this ruling will impact future cases of phone hacking?" one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Well, I guess even the royal phone lines aren't that secure. But seriously, shouldn't the fine be contributed to an organization that helps regular folks who suffer the same invasion of privacy? After all, Prince Harry doesn't need that money, now does he?"