Prince Harry Makes Shock Appearance In Court

 March 28, 2023

People across the world were quite surprised when a special guest showed up at the first hearing of a lawsuit accusing the Daily Mail of privacy breaches:

Prince Harry himself.

The Duke of Sussex was one of the people that brought the action along with other celebrities Elton John and Elizabeth Hurley, but considering Harry's supposed desire for a low profile many didn't expect to see him in person.

The hearing on March 27 was to consider the initial legal arguments in the matter so that the judge could decide if the case would proceed further.

Harry is one of seven claimants in the case and says that he has experienced "gross breaches of privacy" as a result of the Daily Mail's "abhorrent criminal activity."

Despite making this public appearance in England, Harry is not going to see his father King Charles or brother Prince William this week. Sources from all sides said that Harry's family members are too busy to meet with him.