'Presumed Human Remains' Found In Titan Sub Wreckage

 June 30, 2023

The U.S. Coast Guard has confirmed that the "presumed human remains" of the travelers aboard the Titan submersible have been recovered from the seafloor near the Titanic.

At this point, it's safe to say that the Titanic tragedy has happened twice in the exact same spot.

"United States medical professionals will conduct a formal analysis of presumed human remains that have been carefully recovered within the wreckage at the site of the incident," the Coast Guard said on June 28.

Officials speculate that all five of the men onboard would have died instantly just a few hours into their journey to the bottom of the ocean.

Authorities described what happened as a "catastrophic event" or an "implosion."

"The evidence will provide investigators from several international jurisdictions with critical insights into the cause of this tragedy," Captain Jason Neubauer, chair of the investigatory board, said, adding:

There is still a substantial amount of work to be done to understand the factors that led to the catastrophic loss of the TITAN and help ensure a similar tragedy does not occur again.