Pressure mounts on SCOTUS to decide Trump ballot removal case

 January 4, 2024

Former President Donald Trump was kicked off the ballot in two states, Colorado and Maine.

While the process to kick him off the ballot was different in each state, he'll remain on the ballot until the U.S. Supreme Court makes the final decision.

That decision could also come in a variety of manners. The Hill noted that the high court is under increasing pressure at this point, especially before other states attempt the same maneuver.

The outlet noted:

The looming decisions for the Supreme Court risk thrusting the justices into the political spotlight at a fraught time for the nation’s highest court, which has already been forced to confront other matters implicating Trump and the future of the 2024 race.

Trump and his lawyers have already appealed the ballot removal decisions. In Maine, they've appealed to the state's court.

This week, they filed a formal appeal to the Supreme Court regarding the Colorado ballot removal issue. All eyes are on the high court, given that Colorado's primary certification will happen on Jan. 5.

The high court could make an expedited ruling or put it on hold until after the 2024 election. Legal observers aren't sure which way the Supreme Court will go.

The Colorado Republican Party was the first to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

"For the first time in American history, a former President has been disqualified from the ballot, a political party has been denied the opportunity to put forward the presidential candidate of its choice, and the voters have been denied the ability to choose their Chief Executive through the electoral process. This unprecedented decision urgently merits this Court’s review," Colorado GOP lawyers wrote.

The plaintiffs in the case also requested an expedited review.

"This case is of utmost national importance,” the plaintiffs’ lawyers wrote.

"And given the upcoming presidential primary schedule, there is no time to wait for the issues to percolate further. The Court should resolve this case on an expedited timetable, so that voters in Colorado and elsewhere will know whether Trump is indeed constitutionally ineligible when they cast their primary ballots."

Only time will tell what the high court decides. America is ready for an answer.