Press worried about Biden's low approval numbers, claims inflation getting better

By Jen Krausz on
 April 23, 2023

Members of the press are expressing worry about President Joe Biden's low approval numbers as candidates are beginning to gear up for the primary season next year.

New York Times columnist David Brooks said, “I think what has to concern the White House a little is, they’ve had improving inflation, a lot of good domestic policy achievements, Republicans have staked out some pretty extreme ground on a lot of issues, and if you look at the polls, it’s still reasonably close."

He blamed the poll numbers on cynicism in society rather than Biden's long string of screw-ups.

"His approvals are still in the 40s," Brooks continued. "And it could be that we’re just in an extremely partisan, divided country, an extremely cynical country, where, on the national level, nobody — and this is global — no national leader gets popular anymore. No national leader gets to 55, because there’s so much cynicism across the Western world.”

Besides Biden's many, many poor policy decisions, he is also exhibiting signs of marked mental decline and frailty. At 80 years old, he is already the oldest president in history, and he will be 86 years old at the end of a second term if re-elected.

Maybe that's why he hasn't announced that he's running yet.