President Biden's top lies fact-checked

 December 26, 2023

President Joe Biden and his surrogates once claimed that they'd be the most "transparent" administration in U.S. history. What a lie that was.

According to Breitbart, this year alone, Biden has told several tall tales -- outright falsehoods. The outlet noted the top five Biden fact-check moments of 2023, and they're all just as bad as the next.

Topping the list is Biden's previous insistence that he's never met Hunter Biden's business associates, even writing it off to reporters as a "bunch of lies."

Clearly, the elderly, confused president isn't aware of how photographs work, as there are an ample of amount of photos showing "the big guy" hanging around his son's business buddies.

Another fantastical lie told by Biden himself concerns the immigration crisis at the southern border. In a foolish attempt to make it seem like things are under control, he said "unlawful migration" had been cut by 97%.

The lie was in the details -- very important details, as Breitbart noted:

“Joe Biden used his State of the Union speech to claim he has gotten the U.S. border back under control, saying, ‘Since we launched our new border plan last month, unlawful migration from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela has come down 97 percent,'”

Taking a quick step back to 2020, it's worth noting that Biden claimed, during a presidential debate with former President Donald Trump, that his son, Hunter Biden, had not made money from China from his foreign business deals with the communist nation.

Hunter Biden's lawyer admitted that he had, in fact, made millions from Chinese companies. Oops.

Just last month, Biden claimed that he wasn't losing to Trump in battleground states across the country. The problem? He actually is losing to Trump, and the former president's lead is seemingly growing by the day, especially as Biden loses support from young and minority voters.

Another hilarious lie Biden tells quite a bit is that he claims he cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion in his first two years in office.

It's hilarious because even if it was true, American consumers only care what groceries, gas, and rent cost, and do not go about their day thinking about where the deficit stands.

“Any reduction in the deficit is largely attributable to the reopening of the economy post-coronavirus pandemic and the expiration of coronavirus pandemic stimulus spending,” Sean Moran wrote.

Biden's 2024 presidential campaign is struggling, for many reasons. His continued lies do not help. The only question that remains is whether or not the Democratic Party will push him out in the hopes of slipping in a better candidate who has a chance at beating Trump. Only time will tell.