Biden's Words Come Back To Haunt Him After Recent Fall

Once upon a time, President Biden took aim at then-President Donald Trump for his awkward walk down a ramp at a commencement speech.

Biden's poking fun at Trump circled back to him this week as he took a tumble over a sandbag at a commencement ceremony at the United States Air Force Academy.

"Trump took heat from critics, including Biden, when he walked gingerly down the ramp at a West Point commencement ceremony in September 2020," reports Fox News. "Then-candidate Biden, in the midst of a presidential campaign, took a swipe at the Republican incumbent."

"Look at how he steps and look at how I step. Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps," Biden said. "Come on."

But Biden's eating his words now, because he took a pretty nasty fall after delivering the Air Force Academy's commencement address.

The White House reported that Biden had tripped over a sandbag and said he was not injured by the fall.

This isn't the first time this has happened. In 2021, he fell on the steps while boarding Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews.

Biden, 80, already has many asking questions about his physical and mental fitness to continue performing his duties as president, as well as much concern about his ability to perform the commander-in-chief duties for another four years.

When Trump got word of Biden's fall, he immediately referenced the ramp controversy in 2020.

"Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt, but the whole thing, look — the whole thing is crazy. You gotta be careful about that… because you don’t want that — even if you have to tiptoe down a ramp," Trump said.