Unleashed Aggression: President Biden's Dog Commander Involved in Multiple Biting Incidents

 July 27, 2023

In a startling report, President Joe Biden's dog, Commander, has allegedly bitten Secret Service agents up to ten times.

These incidents took place between October 2022 and January 2023, causing a ruckus and raising concerns about the safety of the White House staff.

One such incident was severe enough to send a Secret Service agent to the hospital, as Breitbart News reported. The Department of Homeland Security released this information following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group.

Bizarre Episode on November 3rd, 2022

According to an email sent by a Secret Service official on November 3, 2022, Commander bit a uniformed officer twice.

The bites were severe enough to require treatment from the White House medical unit.

Subsequently, the officer was taken to a hospital.

Trivializing the Incident

Later that day, an email from a Uniform Division captain confirmed that Commander was up to date on his vaccinations. The following day, more information regarding the attack was shared. The officer had to use a steel cart to protect himself from further assaults and was put on restricted duty for several days based on doctors' advice.

Elizabeth Alexander, the communications director for First Lady Jill Biden, described the White House as a "unique and often stressful environment" for pets. She mentioned that the Biden family was exploring ways to improve the situation for everyone involved. This statement seems to tone down the severity of the incident.

"The president and first lady are incredibly grateful to the Secret Service and Executive Residence staff for all they do to keep them, their family and the country safe," Alexander said.

Judicial Watch’s Involvement

After getting a tip about Commander's behavior, Judicial Watch filed a request last December for records regarding biting incidents involving the dog.

The group filed a lawsuit when the agency, a division of DHS, failed to respond adequately to the request. This again underscores the seriousness of the issue.

Commander is the second of Biden's dogs to display aggressive behavior, including biting Secret Service personnel and White House staff. This raises questions about why the Bidens brought another German shepherd into the executive mansion, especially after similar incidents with their previous dog, Major.

White House and Secret Service Response

Despite these concerns, the White House and the Secret Service seemed to downplay the situation. The Secret Service's chief spokesperson, Anthony Guglielmi, insisted on the agency's commitment to the safety and wellbeing of its employees. He stated that the agency has been working out the best approach to handle the first family's pets.

"While special agents and officers neither care for nor handle the first family’s pets, we continuously work with all applicable entities to minimize adverse impacts in an environment that includes pets," Guglielmi added.

The Chief White House groundskeeper typically takes care of the family pets, but with these incidents, it seems this may not be enough.

Previous Incidents with Major

This isn't the first time a Biden family dog has been involved in attacks on Secret Service agents. Major, another German Shepherd of the Biden family, was involved in two major biting incidents in 2021. Some Secret Service agents even claimed that the White House had lied about these incidents to reduce the impact.

Documents released under the FOIA by Judicial Watch revealed that the Secret Service attempted to downplay the events and even reprimanded an agent for detailing the attack. This was supposedly done to avoid upsetting the Biden family.

"NO I didn’t surprise the dog doing my job by being at [redacted] as the press secretary just said! Now I’m pissed," the agent reportedly wrote to a co-worker. The co-worker replied, "SMH. .. hope you didn’t get hurt to [sic] bad."

The Severity of Major's Attacks

One Secret Service employee described the injury from Major's bite as "severe." The heavily redacted incident report revealed that the bite occurred at 7:00 a.m. in the White House residential area on the second floor near First Lady Jill Biden's office. The agent had no time to seek cover and was bitten on the right leg.

David Cho, President Biden's then-chief protective agent, wrote an email later that day downplaying the incident. "Major bit one of the agents this morning. The agent is ok, but does have bruising and a puncture," Cho wrote.

Unfortunately, the agent was bitten by Major for a second time. Photos of the injuries were redacted in the report, apart from one showing the agent's torn wool overcoat.

In Summary:

  • Between October 2022 and January 2023, President Biden's dog, Commander, reportedly bit Secret Service agents 10 times, with one incident requiring a hospital visit.
  • Details of the incidents came to light after the Department of Homeland Security released the information following a FOIA request by Judicial Watch.
  • White House communications director Elizabeth Alexander tried to downplay the incidents, describing the White House as a "unique and often stressful environment" for pets.
  • This isn't the first time a Biden family dog has been involved in attacks on Secret Service agents. Major, another German Shepherd of the Biden family, was involved in two major biting incidents in 2021.
  • Documents released under the FOIA revealed attempts to downplay the incidents, leading to allegations that the White House lied about the severity of the attacks.