Rep. Tom McClintock: Biden has allowed entry of 2.9M illegal immigrants since taking office

 February 2, 2023

President Joe Biden's open borders have welcomed an illegal alien population of 2.9 million since he took office in 2021.

Republican Representative Tom McClintock of California blasted Biden's administration for the number of immigrants that have entered the United States under his presidency.

"During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, McClintock highlighted the sheer number of border crossers and illegal aliens who are entering American communities — with little prospect of ever being deported — thanks to Biden’s expansive parole pipeline," reported Breitbart.

"Biden’s parole pipeline allows border crossers and illegal aliens, unlikely to be approved for asylum, to secure work permits and take American jobs while traveling throughout the United States," according to Breitbart.

America’s working and middle class will feel the impact of the parole pipeline in the form of rising rent, housing prices, lower wages, and fewer open jobs.

McClintock said:

I think this discussion has brought out something that Border Patrol officers told me when I toured the border in the Yuma sector recently — ‘Don’t send us more money,’ they said. ‘They’ll only use it to process illegals faster into this country.’ And I think that the testimony has been bringing that out very clearly today.

Since Joe Biden canceled the Remain in Mexico policy and ordered ICE not to enforce court-ordered deportations, abandoned the border wall, and signaled to the world that America’s borders no longer mattered, we’ve seen 1.7 million illegal aliens deliberately admitted into this country and another 1.2 million known got-aways have entered while the Border Patrol has been overwhelmed changing diapers and taking names.

Now that is an illegal alien population of 2.9 million. That is the entire population of the state of Mississippi just since this administration changed these policies and precipitated this crisis.

And as the Democrats’ witness testified, illegal aliens are now being rapidly and efficiently trafficked by our government to every community in our nation.

According to Breitbart, recent data shows that Biden will oversee 2.7 million apprehensions this year, alone. Because of Biden’s parole pipeline, most of those apprehended will be let go, directly into the United States.

Source: Breitbart