President Biden In Massive Crash - White House Declares That...

July 19, 2022

As hard as it is to believe, President Joe Biden's economic approval rating has dropped to a NEW historic low.

With how low his numbers have been all along, how could the old man be figuring out how to make it worse week after week after week?

I don't know myself, but the old man manages to do it somehow.

Biden's economic approval rating is currently only 30%.

That's five points less than the same survey showed just a month ago, showing that Biden has sent his descent into madness into overdrive.

Even Barack Obama never scored this low, and he was the president during some of the toughest economic times America has had in recent memory. Still, Obama's lowest rating ever was just 37%.

Trump's? It never dipped below 41%. You won't hear that on CNN...

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