President Biden has only given one sit down interview to a daily news print outlet

October 19, 2023

While President Joe Biden enjoys mostly favorable news coverage from a bulk of the mainstream media, he's not a fan of doing certain types of interview.

According to Fox News, it was recently noted that Biden has only conducted one interview with a daily news print outlet since taking office.

It's extremely notable given the fact that The New York Times and The Washington Post, two outlets that have fawned over the confused, elderly president the entire time he's been in the White House, have yet to log a single interview with him.

All presidents have traditionally sat for interviews with at least one print news outlet.

Fox News noted:

The Post reported Biden has granted a sit-down interview to a single daily news print journalist, the Associated Press’s Josh Boak, after nearly three years in office.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, given that Biden ran a "basement campaign" for the 2020 election, but he's also logged some of the lowest numbers of news interviews and press conferences in modern presidential history.

The president, now 80, has only done "13 solo press conferences and 17 joint press conferences" the fewest on record since George H.W. Bush.

Even those pressers have been extremely limited as far as the number of questions he's taken and answered, and more often than not, he's provided with a pre-selected list of reporters on which to call, and sometimes knows the nature of the questions he will receive from his pre-selected media allies.

What Democrats won't say out loud is that they're scared to death of Biden freelancing for reporters or press conferences, as the few times he has, it's been a total disaster that the White House has to walk back hours later.

The Post noted, "He has also participated in the fewest interviews, 74, of any chief executive since Ronald Reagan."

Fox News pressed Biden's comms team on the Post's report. Not surprisingly, the White House deflected and ran cover.

"The President headlines multiple events every week on the issues that matter most to hardworking Americans that are attended by national, regional and constituency media, has held more than 450 question and answer sessions with reporters (more than any recent President), interviews with traditional media outlets from the television news networks," the White House said.

Biden's handlers are terrified of the president answering too many questions, as his cognitive decline starts to show after a few minutes in any given situation.

Recent reports also revealed that his 2024 campaign team is "terrified" of Biden falling again, which only further proves that the Democratic Party has a real conundrum on its hands for the 2024 presidential election.

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