Jean-Pierre unable to explain Biden's lackluster poll numbers

 February 8, 2023

President Biden was humiliated recently as his very own press secretary couldn't answer crucial questions about the why the economy is worse than it was under the leadership of former President Donald Trump.

"On ABC’s The View, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre why President Joe Biden’s polls results were worse than former President Donald Trump’s numbers," reported Breitbart.

The View co-host Sara Haines asked, "Now, if the economy is strong, why don’t more Americans feel that way?"

Jean-Pierre answered, "What the president has done is transform the way we think about it, right? We used to talk about the trickle-down economy. He doesn’t say that. He doesn’t believe in that. He believes in building an economy from the bottom up, middle out."

Biden's press secretary added, "Polls go up. Polls go down. We all know this. I know you all talk about this very often, so we know that’s a reality."

Co-host Griffin said, "Biden’s State of the Union Address is expected to double as a soft launch for his 2024 campaign, but a new ABC News poll says voters are even less enthused about Biden running again than Trump, a low bar. How do you respond to that fact that a whopping 58 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning want someone other than the president to run?"

Jean-Pierre tried to answer, "There are many different polls out there, so I’ll state that first. But I also want to say we do follow the rule of the law, unlike the last administration. So, we are covered by the Hatch Act. I have to be very careful what I say when I speak about politics or when it comes to political races."

So basically, Jean-Pierre just talked circles and didn't really answer any questions. As per usual.

Source: Breitbart