Biden Struggles For Support in Hypothetically Crowded 2024 Field: Poll

 March 1, 2023

In a hypothetically crowded Democrat primary field, a recent survey found that only around one quarter of Democrats support President Joe Biden.

You read that right. Only one quarter of Biden's own party supports him. This looks terrible for the president and the Democratic Party.

A McLaughlin & Associates survey found that President Joe Biden doesn't get the support he needs to enter into a second presidential campaign.

The survey asked, "Thinking ahead to the 2024 Democratic primary election for President, if that election were held today among the following candidates, for whom would you vote?"

"Several potential Democrat candidates were listed, including President Biden, former first lady Michelle Obama, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, Vice President Kamala Harris, and several more," reports Breitbart.

Biden only received support from roughly a quarter, 26%, of respondents, leading his closest potential challenger, Michelle Obama, by 12%.

Notably, no other candidate listed saw double digit support.

"The survey also coincides with the trend of voters preferring to see another candidate as the Democrat nominee in 2024," reports Breitbart. "However, while Biden has not formally announced, he has dropped hints that he intends to as his wife, first lady Jill Biden, said she is 'all for it.'"

"He said he intends to run. So, nothing’s been planned yet. I think, you know, he’s been so busy with being in Ukraine, handling some of the crises at home," Dr. Jill Biden said recently, adding that it is ultimately her husband’s decision.

Biden was asked if there is a chance he will choose NOT to run.

The president answered, "Not in my book."

Source: Breitbart