President Biden Caught In Cartel Scandal - Border Bombshell Shocks Nation...

July 27, 2022

Americans are dying, but our president doesn't seem concerned enough to want to do a darn thing about it.

That's the message Representative Chip Roy recently had for America, trying to get the people to see just how dangerous Biden's border policies are really becoming.

The Republican from Texas blasted the "scourge of moving human beings for profit" while "the cartels are getting paid thousands of dollars to put these little girls and little boys into the sex trafficking trade — to be put in stash houses in Houston, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, all along the border."

Democrats have no concern for the open border. They want more liberal voters in America, and if they figure they let people flow in from Mexico and don't require identification to vote, all of these immigrants will owe them a favor.

"They don’t care about having open borders. They don’t care about what that does to Americans. They don’t care about what that does to migrants," Roy said.

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