President Biden Caught In Anti-American Conspiracy - Voter Shocked...

July 20, 2022

Sometimes, something makes sense to 99% of ordinary Americans that you seem to come across, but there is simply nobody in the mix at the Washington swamp that's willing to fight for that same thing.

That's the case for Americans who want a secure southern border who are currently dealing with Joe Biden as their leader.

Luckily for that crowd, there are still SOME people in the government who are willing to stand up for what is actually right.

Representative Matt Rosendale, a Republican from Montana, recently criticized Joe Biden for providing aid to other countries while so many Americans here in America are struggling.

Two examples of that right here are the porous southern border and the current fentanyl crisis.

Instead, Biden would rather send our cash to Ukraine and our oil to China.

And that's just what Bicycle Joe will continue to do if there aren't people like Matt Rosendale around to stand up to him.

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