Biden Accused Of Failing To Develop Plan For Nuclear Threats

An adviser who has worked close to President Joe Biden has voiced concerns he has about America's national security, particularly as it relates to nuclear threats.

Jon Wolfsthal, who was Special Adviser to then-Vice President Biden for Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation and Senior Director for Arms Control and Nonproliferation at the National Security Council during the Obama administration, spoke out about the tone around nuclear weapons saying, "most objective people would recognize has been very negative."

Wolfsthal argued that Biden needs to give a clear policy in an effort to fix the problem.

"Nuclear tension is higher than at any point since the end of the Cold War," NPR White House Correspondent Scott Detrow said.

Detrow then played a clip of Wolfsthal saying, "The invasion by Russia of Ukraine and nuclear threats to back it up, ongoing testing of missile capabilities by North Korea, the growth of China’s arsenal."

Detrow also said, "Regardless of where and when it happens, Jon Wolfsthal says Biden does need to lay out a clear policy — and soon — on how to deescalate all the growing nuclear threats the world is facing."

Wolfsthal later stated, "What is the policy that’s going to tie these different pieces together on China, on Russia, on North Korea, on Iran, on our own nuclear arsenal? And how are we going to try to turn the tide? Which I think most objective people would recognize has been very negative."