President Of Argentina Backs Out Of Upcoming Election

 April 25, 2023

Americans wish we would have gotten the same announcement from our current president.

Alberto Fernández, the president of Argentina, has announced that he will NOT be pursuing reelection in his country's 2023 presidential election.

"It is clear that we did not achieve everything we set out to do," Fernández said. "We are hurt by the projects and dreams that could not be realized."

Now the big question is, if Alberto was able to realize that another campaign wasn't in his best interest in Argentina, why was Joe Biden unable to reach the same conclusion here in America?

Joe Biden has actually done the exact opposite and decided to OFFICIALLY launch his 2024 in the last few days.

This is despite America CLEARLY not wanting him to do so.

Even Democrats have been telling the president again and again that they would prefer somebody else in 2024, and Biden's approval rating is steadily getting worse and worse.