Pope Francis suffering from lung inflammation, cancels trip to Dubai

 November 28, 2023

Pope Francis, 86, raised headlines recently after what appeared to be a health scare.

Reports indicated that he recently released an update on his health, but relied on another priest to deliver the message.

The Vatican stated that the elderly pope was suffering from a "mild flu," but it was also noted that he's dealing with "lung inflammation," causing many to wonder how serious it might actually be.

The Mirror noted:

Francis skipped his weekly Sunday appearance earlier today, not appearing at the window overlooking St Peter’s Square. The day before, the Vatican admitted he was suffering from what it called a mild flu.

Despite his apparent medical issues, it was originally reported that he still plans to fly to Dubai for a climate change conference, though it's unclear what treatments he's received at this point.

However, in a late-breaking update, the trip to Dubai has been canceled.

"Pope Francis has canceled his planned trip to Dubai for the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Despite initial preparations and a detailed itinerary released by the Vatican Press Office, health concerns have prompted this decision," EWTN Vatican posted on X.

The statement added, "Pope Francis has expressed great regret at having to heed his doctors' advice, leading to the cancellation of the trip. However, the Vatican remains committed to participating in the ongoing discussions of the conference."

Social media users provided mixed reactions to the news, with many offering well wishes for the leader of the Catholic Church, and others doubting that the information put out by the Vatican is accurate and guessing that the pope's health could be worse than what's being reported.

"May God heal the Holy Father," one X user wrote.

Another X user added, "He's 85, obese, has 1 lung and is suffering from a respiratory ailment. Did he truly need a doctor to tell him he shouldn't get in a plane? If so, there is much more wrong than previously suspected."

Notably, reports also indicated that the pope's hand was bandaged as if he'd had some sort of intravenous treatment.

The Vatican, asked about the bandage, didn't provide comment.