Poor Leadership Rated America's Number One Issue

 February 7, 2023

A recent Gallup survey set out to find the worst problems in America today. Liberals are NOT going to want to look at the results.

An incredible 21% of Americans think that the government's poor leadership is the biggest problem in the country today, which makes it by far the most stressful thing in citizens' lives right now.

Inflation ranked as the second most important issue in America, with 15% of people saying it's the thing that worries them most.

Six percent of Americans believe that "unifying the country" is our biggest issue right now, with 5% saying that "unifying the country" is most important.

Rounding out the list of most important issues were racism, poverty, crime, and the decline of the American family.

There were a lot of options, but only one could grab the crown as America's biggest problem. Across party lines, it was agreed that that issue is the poor leadership at the top of our government.